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Whether your lifestyle is athletic or sedentary, foot pain is always undesirable. That’s why we are here to help you to rejuvenate you by eliminating all foot-related ailments.

We are one of the best podiatrists in your area. Equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and sports medicine supplies, our sprawling centre has dedicated facility for children, sportspersons and senior citizens. Our experienced and authorized staffs (podiatrists, orthotic and footwear technicians) are always ready to provide the best podiatric services at affordable cost.

We treat general podiatric conditions such as nails surgeries, corns, callous, plantar warts, ingrown nails, heel pain, ingrown toenails and fungal infections. We also treat chronic and acute foot, ankle, shin, knee, hip and lower back pain. We are expert in treating conditions. We provide high-quality podiatry foot care including life. Apart from children’s clumsiness, tripping, pigeon toe, out the toe, heel pain, knee pain, gait anomalies (unusual walking/running styles) and plantar fasciitis conditions. We provide high-quality podiatry foot care including video/computerize gait analysis, orthotics, podiatric assessments (both sports and general), footwear recommendation, and laboratory on site.

Apart from podiatric services, we also provide required advice regarding foot care.

We all offer several physiotherapy services which include – Acute Sports injury services, Balance & Proprioception, Biomechanical Analysis, BPPV – Vertigo Treatment, Core Exercises, Electrotherapy, Gait Analysis, Joint Mobilisation, Kinesiology Taping, Massage, Neurodynamics, Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilisation, Posture Correction, Real-Time Ultrasound, Resistance Band, Exercises, Soft Tissue Injury Care, Strength Exercises, Stretching Exercises, Swiss Ball Exercises, TENS Machine, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Vestibular Physio.

Further, we are experts in massage services like Remedial Massage, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Acupuncture services. Please find more details in corresponding sections.

Most foot problems are treatable.
Be assured.
Your feet are in good hands.

By our premium services, we reduce your discomfort before it compromises your quality of life.

Foot Choice & Allied Health


  • Team of experienced podiatrists, physiotherapist, massage therapists, and acupuncturist.

  • Fare and transparent pricing

  • Ultra modern facility with all requisite tools

  • Dedicated facilities for sportspersons, children and senior citizens/VTA

  • Arrangement with insurance companies and doctors