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Healing Therapy Center

Muscles stiffening are occurred due to poor posture, hamstrings, calf, quadriceps, plantar fascial, over-activation in around neck, shoulder, lower back, and buttock. By our quality deep tissue massage therapy, we relax muscles, improve oxygen, blood and lymph flow to injured tissue, improve motion and joint flexibility, hasten the healing of strained ligaments and muscular tissue, reduce the inflammation of joints, decrease spasms and relieves muscle tension.

By using finger pressure, our trained therapist locate and deactivate hyperirritable trigger spot, loosen tightened, thickened and adherent soft tissue or scar tissue resulting from a pull, tear, bruising or inflammation. By using clothes, oils and creams, our trained therapist provide invigorating therapeutic massage to relax muscles or reduce tension in neck, shoulders and back muscles that have been under stress or in poor postural positions.

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