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Sports Injury Clinic Port Melbourne

Sports injury? What to do? How to care for your sports injury?

There is never a great time for an injury. But we do know that most sports injuries occur over the weekend! That’s why at Foot Choice, we have established an Acute Sports Injury Clinic a section of our clinics.

Acute Sports Injury Clinic:

Your Acute Sports Injury Assessment Consultation allows us to provide you with:

Quick and accurate diagnosis from a sports physiotherapist. Your consultation takes only 15 minutes.

acute sports injury clinic
  • Early acute sports injury care, professional advice and education. What to do this week?

  • Fast referral for X-rays, ultrasound or MRI scans to confirm your diagnosis.

  • Prompt referral to sports physicians, GPs or surgeons with whom we work if required.

  • Immediate supply of walking boots, braces and rental crutches if needed.

Low-cost professional service. The acute sports injury consultation fee is lower than a normal assessment and treatment consultation. In most cases, your private health insurance will cover will acute sports injury assessment consultation fee.