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Balance & Proprioception Exercise

Proprioception can be described as a sense of knowing where your body part is in space it is a complex concept to grasp until you lose it because so much proprioception occurs subconsciously. Your proprioception capabilities can be damaged when joints are injured, such as ligament sprains. When you lose proprioception of your joint after a sprain, you may experience an unstable sensation of the joint. Your joint may be worn out.

The typical manifestation of reduced proprioception is a poor balance. Most people can learn the concept that poor balance can result from impaired proprioception. But even your spinal posture has a proprioception component telling you whether you are sitting or standing upright. Good posture, for example, could be thought of as perfect spinal balance! Every injury has the potential to decrease your proprioception and finally your balance. However, you can immediately improve both your proprioception and balance with proprioception and balance exercises. That’s where your physiotherapist is an expert and can help you.

balance & proprioception

Proprioception / Balance Exercises:

Proprioceptive and balance exercises teach your body to control the position of a deficient or an injured joint. The erratic movements of the balance board re-educate your body to quickly react to the wobbly movements without having to think about these movements.

That is your natural balance and proprioceptive reactions that we are attempting to retrain make the transition from a conscious to a subconscious state. A quality subconscious proprioception and balance system is important in everyday life and particularly in sport.

Proprioception or Balance Improvement techniques:

  • Perfect practice will mean proprioception perfection.

  • Proprioception exercises are devised to enhance your proprioception feedback circle.

There are hundreds of injury specific proprioception and balance exercises whether your injury is your shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, ankle or spine.

It is best to see your trusted physiotherapist to make sure you are doing the right things at the right time and not disrupting tissue healing. It is possible to begin advanced proprioception or balance exercises too early, which can be harmful to your rehabilitation outcome.

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