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Kinesiology Taping Treatment

Kinesio taping is the application of a thin, stretchy, cotton-based therapeutic tape which is almost identical to human skin in both thickness and elasticity that can benefit a wide variety of injuries and inflammatory conditions.

You would have noticed that more professional athletes use kinesiology taping improve their sporting performance. We use kinesiology taping in the clinic every day with amazing instant pain-free or performance improving results. You won’t believe how effective kinesiology taping is until you try it.

kinesiology taping

Kinesiology Tape Vs Conventional Strapping Tape:

  • Kinesiology tape differs from other types of strapping tape in both its form and function. Most types of strapping tape are non-elastic and are wrapped tightly around an injured joint or muscle to offer rigid support and restrict movement. They can only be worn for short periods of time, after which they must be removed to restore movement and circulation.
  • It has unique elastic properties that allow the kinesiology tape to provide dynamic support. This provides an almost second skin that protects your joints and muscles. Plus, due to its amazing elastic properties, kinesiology tape allows full motion of your body parts.
  • Kinesiology tape can be worn during intense exercise, in the shower or even swimming.

Kinesiology tape has a comprehensive array of therapeutic benefits. Because it can be left on for up to a week, these therapeutic benefits are available to the injured area 24 hours a day, significantly speeding up the healing process from trauma, injuries and inflammatory conditions.

1. Pain Relief
2. Swelling Reduction
3. Lymphoedema Reduction
4. Reduced Muscle Fatigue, Cramps and DOMS.
6. Assists Weak or Injured Muscles
7. Quicker Return to Sport, Work and Play