Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilisation

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Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilisation

PIM which is Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilisation is an innovative concept based on orthodox articular physiotherapy and osteopathic approaches mobilize your spinal and peripheral joints via a mechanical spring-loaded instrument. A PIM-trained physiotherapist will treat you utilizing the PIM mechanical instrument. As physiotherapists, we value methodologies and rationales that have a sound scientific basis to assist you to achieve your best result as quickly as possible.

Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilisation assessment utilises physiotherapy palpation skills, neural tension testing, and neurological testing to apply mobilising and manipulative techniques along with defined treatment planes with greater reliability, specificity and safety than other manual techniques.

physiotherapy instrument mobilisation

PIM approach works extremely well in tandem with other evidence-based treatment tools in your physiotherapist’s holistic multi-system clinical approach. Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilisation provides excellent outcomes for the TMJ, headaches, vertigo, neck and back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, elbow and shoulder pain and foot pain such as plantar fasciitis. Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilisation is a safe measurable and extremely effective joint mobilisation technique provided by specially trained physiotherapists. With only a select number of PIM-trained physiotherapists, it is a unique joint treatment approach to ease your pain quickly and loosen any joint stiffness.