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Children’s Foot Care Specialist

Foot ailments in children are due to flat-footedness or ingrown toenails or infections. Compared to an adult, a child’s foot is more malleable and prone to biomechanical abnormalities. As children have a high pain threshold biomechanical abnormalities and ill-fitting footwear can create long-term damage for younger children. By correcting foot deformities at an early stage, we eliminate long-term chronic mobility problems in children.

We are expert in treating growing pains, clumsiness, tripping, pigeon toe, heel pain, knee pain, gait anomalies and plantar fasciitis.By applying kid’s orthotics devices, we treat pronation symptom, improve the foot posture and prevent future foot problems.We treat following conditions among children.

children’s feet care

Children’s Foot Care

Freiberg Disease

Kohler’s Disease

Osgood-Schlatter Disease

Sever’s Disease