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Corn Treatment Removal

Corn (thickening of the outer layer of the foot skin) occurs due to mechanical friction from footwear or pressure on the skin or ill-fitting footwear or ill-shaped feet and toes.

Building up callus of focally over a small area can result in painful lesions, which can cause bruising and bleed under the skin. If left unattended, it can be turned into an ulcer or wound, which is dangerous for a diabetic or immune suppressed person.

As corn is not a living tissue, our podiatrist painlessly removes these lesions and use padding, silipos toe sleeves, shoe inserts and footwear modifications to eliminate pressure. In extreme cases (hammertoes and bunions), we employ surgical intervention to correct structural abnormalities. We can also use Silipos devices to relieve irritation. For a chronic condition, we recommend specialized footwear to reduce pressure in the form of an orthotic.

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