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Ingrown Toenail Removal Treatment

We are competent to treat both types of ingrown nails, involutes nails, and nail spicule. With rounded curved edges, involuted nails irritate the sulcus of the nail. As the nail grows in length, a curved edge can protrude into the flesh and result in an infection and cause pain. Nail spicule occurs due to trauma or bathroom surgery. Nail spicule occurs when a fragment/spikes of the nail is protruding into the flesh at the side of the nail. Removal of spikes can be done without anaesthetic. In case of infection or acute pain or recurrent involuted nails or nail spicules, we conduct a partial or total nail avulsion surgery under local anaesthetics. We permanently narrow the nail and prevents the ‘curved’ edge pain. By using finger pressure, our trained therapist locate and deactivate hyperirritable trigger spot.

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