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Sports Podiatry Treatment

Sports injuries are common for both professional and amateur sportspersons. We provide both preventive and curative treatment. Our preventive care treatment enhances your mechanical performance, minimize injury, and maximise efficiency.

Our curative treatment deals with chronic foot and lower limb injuries. As an expert in sports podiatry, we diagnosis your lower limb problems and provide need-based treatment. As each individual’s foot and lower limb function differently, we provide need-based joint mobilization, advanced biomechanical assessments, injection therapy (phototherapy and platelet-rich-plasma), soft-tissue manipulation, trigger point therapy, and advanced functional orthotic therapy treatments to sportspersons.

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As the foot movements, lower limb requirements and biomechanics vary according to the physical activities (marathon, basketball, football) undertaken by you, we prescribe exercise and footwear for the lower extremities to prevent injury during your chosen sport. We treat plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, patella-femoral pain, shin splints occur during sport. We assess the lower limb biomechanics of the individual and match to the biomechanical requirements of the individual sport.

Barefoot running/minimalist shoe running is not for all athletes.

By thorough biomechanically assessment, we recommend barefoot running for a biomechanically well-aligned athlete who has conditioned themselves over a long period of time.

Updates with Foot Choice

Foot Choice and Allied Health remains OPEN to look after your health and wellbeing!

As an ESSENTIAL SERVICE, our medical centre is able to provide new and existing clients with the highest level of care while following the COVID-19 guidelines from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

We are offering online Telehealth Services for any clients who are unable to attend our clinic. Please call us for more information about Telehealth Services and face-to-face appointments.