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Speech & Language Therapy for Better Communication by Trusted Pathologists

Speech is a prominent feature of a person’s asset; it portrays a person’s confidence and personality thoroughly. People are often perceived in the way they talk. Practicing the right therapy and focusing on the development of one’s personality from early childhood could be a great start or training your brains and improving your dialect at an adult age is achievable with impressive outcomes.

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Here at Foot choice & Allied Health, we value our customer’s needs the most, experts in the field of pathology and therapy, we offer children’s speech therapy from toddlers to teenagers, and speech therapy for adults and elderly.

We know that voicing out speech-related issue can be a bit intimidating, so our team of professional speech pathologist are here to make your journey comfortable and victorious.

We are here to help you get over all the speech-related disorders from expressive to receptive languages, oral motor dysfunction, apraxia of speech, fluency in speech, facial cognitive disability, problems in feeding and swallowing, articulation and difficulty in understanding of social language like Aphasia and Dysarthria.

More broadly, our speech pathologists can also help you and your child with:

  • Producing clear speech sounds
  • Stuttering
  • Social skills
  • Improving Facial expressions and muscle movements (e.g. use of gestures, eye contact, intonation and conversation skills)
  • Improving dialect, language and clarity in expressing ideas
  • Using age appropriate words and sentences to express their meaning
  • Assisting children with specific diagnoses, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Global Development Delay, Intellectual Disability, Down syndrome or Cerebral Palsy.

Professionals in Language Disorders & Speech Problems

Pathologists and Therapists are experts in the field of speech therapy, they are genuinely passionate about the growth of their client and they guide them through smooth transactions from struggles to improvements to achievers.

Experience matters

As one of Melbourne’s most trusted and longest-running speech pathology clinics, we are committed to helping you.

Quality service.

We help our client built on their communication skills with modern interactive technologies for our clients to take in charge of their development in a fun interactive environment such as brain stimulating games, cognitive development videos and speech practice modules in their own pace and ease.

Fair price

Our fee structure is very straight forward, with no hidden costs or product affiliations. We are also a registered service provider, so you may be eligible for some Medicare rebates. Our reception staff are happy to advise you on the rebates that are available. Read more about our range of funding options.

We are here to help, contact us now or leave us an email, we will get back to you with our expertise advice and suggestion.